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Prodexpo 2014. Results.

Dear friends, the exhibition PRODEXPO 2014 is over. We are pleased to inform you about the results of our partners’ participation in the contests within the exhibition.


«innovative product Prodexpo 2014»:


AO VILKYŠKIŲ PIENINE (VILVI) won a golden medal for hard cheese «Jubileiny 1934»;


JSC «Zemaitijos pienas» won a golden medal for the gift set: hard cheese DZIUGAS Mild, hard cheese DZIUGAS Delicate, hard cheese DZIUGAS Gourmet and silver medal for Cheese snacks, Spicy with onion.


«The best product 2014»:


JSC «Pieno Zvaigzdes» t.m Svalia won a golden medal for vanilla ice cream, 400 g (green line) and ice-cream with condensed milk, milk chocolate and almonds, 450 g (green line);


AO VILKYŠKIŲ PIENINE (VILVI) won a silver medal for hard cheese "Jubilee 1934".


In addition the company JSC «Pieno Zvaigzdes» at the first time participated in competition "Prodextrapack" and became the medalist for the packaging of «ice cream Vanilla in chocolate glaze "MEOW" t.m. Svalia ".


 Thank you to all who visited our stand at the exhibition PRODEXPO 2014 for the attention to our products!